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The wins mean that both Belbin and Lysacek will compete in the World Championships in Tokyo next month.

To celebrate their success last week, “We ordered chicken fingers, milkshakes and chocolate cake and all that fun stuff,” says Belbin. We spent most of the time concentrating on events but we went out every night.” The romance between the two skaters first started to percolate last summer.

“I’ve laid out her towels, I’ve done laundry,” he said, drawing quizzical looks. The men’s short program is Tuesday and compulsory dance is next Friday.

That leaves plenty opportunity to get comfy, and Agosto — who is rooming with fellow ice dancers Charlie Davis and Evan Bates, and U. singles champion Jeremy Abbott — likes the arrangement.

“A lot of the team is much younger and it’s good to have someone you know a long time and you can relate to,” Belbin said.

~The Rinkside Cafe I was watching a re-run of So You Think You Can Dance season 7 and noticed that two of the contestants looked a lot like two figure skaters who used to date each other. Both are Americans who have won medals at the Olympics. Cr: Mathieu Young/FOX " data-medium-file=" It’s a sort of precarious thrill because you never know if the skater can live up to the great things we’ve dream of for them.Outside of a bronze medal at the 2008 worlds, Weir hasn’t been a factor in major competitions. That Weir remains an engaging, humorous and, yes, flamboyant figure in the sport is a credit to his unwillingness to tone down his personality.He finished third at nationals in January, grabbing the final berth on the U. It’s something Belbin noticed a decade ago and is glad to see remains part of Weir’s aura.My dad was just staring at him while eating his breakfast.According to this news article, Tanith Belbin and Charlie White are now engaged! Skater #1 looks like Lauren from SYTYCD: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Top 11 finalist Lauren Froderman, 18, is a Contemporary, Jazz dancer from Phoenix, AZ. We never know if they’ll be stunningly marvelous after a few years of polish, as was the case for Tessa and Scott; but on the flip side, we could find ourselves severely heartbroken at potential stars (like Caroline Zhang) who eventually stagnated and fade away.

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