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Spidy has constantly refused to become one with Venom and the alien is tired with it… I will be rewriting the story though, and the new version of it shall be made available on my profile shortly (if it isn't already up by the time you see this). Obito kidnaps Naruto after Minato chose the village over his son's life. He still strives for the 'Perfect' World, but will this twist of fate change his views about the world? Feeling like a liability to his family, Mikey strives to become a better ninja.

So the symbiote decides to use the teen's body for something else. Even if that means sacrificing yourself to a psychopathic scientist. Making love for the first time seemed to be the epitome of Raphael and April's relationship. At first it seemed as though he would be fated to be the shortest turtle, but sometimes things turn out in a way no one could ever anticipate.

After being captured on a training run, Donatello finds himself in a mental asylum as one of the institutions worst patients.

At first convinced his captors are trying to trick him, things become less certain as Don discovers he's now a human, and starts having dreams of a very different past.

To do so, he has to juggle trying to stop Dooku from joining Sidious, freeing his mother, avoiding Palpatine, and his training all while maintaining his cover as a 9-year-old initiate. He has always felt an undeniable hatred towards him, so why exactly does he suddenly want to know how it feels to hold Midoriya's hand?

Too bad keeping up a facade isn't one of his strong points. UPDATE: This version of the story is no longer being continued!

So making up an imaginary friend isn't so unusual for her.

Instead, Vegeta wakes up rejuvenated over thirty years in the past to find that he's been given a second chance. When the old butler of the Tohsaka household retires after years in service, the thought of anyone replacing him is short of preposterous to Rin. But when one brother goes down, all his strength and rage can't fix what's broken.-Set in the 2k12 universum with turtle look from the 2k3 universum-Mike's the leader? (Leo 23, Raph 22, Donnie/Mikey 20) Warning: Genderswap, pregnancy There are many what ifs. One thing is for sure, no matter how the Hamato family got their start, with these teens, there's always going to be some crazy adventures involved.AU inspired by Turtle Loops(NOT a High School AU)Madelyn Dearing is a little girl with a vivid imagination.The Original unfinished Jurassic Park Broken Lives story that followed the lives of Amanda, a human, and Silver Claw, a velociraptor, as they struggled to survive on an island set against them.The story grew too large and is now being rewritten as several stories.

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