Dating old photographs maureen taylor

I would walk back and spend my bus fare at the shop on the corner of Hyde Road and Coxwell Road on a glass of pop.Once a year we were asked to cut out and bring in a picture to make a calendar, we would stick the picture onto a piece of card with a small printed calendar at the bottom, one picture for the whole 12 months.The oldest teacher there was the metal work teacher Mr Rolands, he taught my father.The head teacher was Mr Vincent and the science and music teacher was a Mr Basil Holt.I can also identify 2 other pupils for you; Middle row, sixth from the left, by our teachers shoulder is Madhuban Mistry (my best friend); Looking at the photo and starting with the girl in the short coat on the left, her name is not known. A photograph when I was at Osler Street School in the Athletic Squad, which I hope will jog someones memory.The headmaster is to the right, I am at the back top left and I think the chap in the centre is Freddy Vears, I do not know what year it was, I could have been around 10 or 11 years of age.

I told him I couldn't swim that way, but he said they had no one else, so by the time I had finished I could have turned the lights off and locked up.

I had been given my kit and told to get it washed, mom darned up all the holes in the socks, washed and ironed it all, I was dropped after the first game so I cut out all of moms repairs and went back to the junior team.

I was also a milk monitor handing out those small milk bottles in the playground and apparatus monitor setting up the climbing frames with the spikey coconut mats below in the assembly hall, that then became the PE hall for 30 minutes then we had to take it all down so it could become the dining hall where my mom was a dinner lady for a while.

Quite a few remember their time at senior school, but not so much about the J & I, so I have jotted down just one or two of my early memories at Osler Street J & I which I started around 1959/60 in Miss Voreneska's class and finished in Mr Pritchards 1965.

After just learning to swim thanks to a neighbour Mr Bishton, I was picked to swim in the school gala which I think was at Kent Street baths.

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