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If the return of income is not filed within the due date specified under section 139(1), then loss incurred during the year, under the heads ‘Profits and gains of business and professions’ and ‘Capital gains’ cannot be carried forward to next year. Can I file return of income even if my income is below taxable limits? During finalization of return, I found that my bank has given me a credit of Rs. As per revised computation, your total tax liability would be Rs. are not to be attached along with the return of income.Yes, you can file return of income voluntarily even if your income is less than the maximum exemption limit. I have filed my return of income; however, I omit to claim benefit of Section 80C deduction. The benefit of omitted claim can be availed only by filing of revised return. 5,40,000 on which tax has been duly deducted under Sec. However, these documents should be retained and have to produce before the Assessing Officer whenever required so. My employer has deducted tax without allowing me relief of section 89.

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Taxmantra has freed up my time in these respects, improving the productivity and minimizing lapses. Return of income can be filed in paper mode or in e-filing mode.

But in that case you have to ensure that your original return has been filed within the due date as return can be revised, only if it has been filed originally within the specified due date. Now, can I claim the relief while filing the return of income?

An income-tax return can be revised within one year from the end of relevant assessment year or before completion of assessment, whichever is earlier. If the employer fails to provide relief under section 89 and deducts excess tax, then you can claim such relief in your return of income and can claim refund of excess tax deducted. How to claim deduction of donation given to an organization registered under section 80G.

Deduction under section 80G can be claimed by filing the return of income in which the following details needs to be given: Q 26.

How to avoid deduction of tax, if during the year, the accrued interest on deposit in my saving account is Rs.

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