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well, until its explained to her and even then she thinks them crazy, until something happens to make her believe The trio has left Hogwarts in search of Horcruxes. Then, she mets Jax Teller, despite her father's warnings to stay away from him and the Club. Thrown into the past and then thrust back into the present after spending a year in 10 years ago, she must now come to terms with her own new perspectives on the present. A year after a family tragedy Genevieve's mother Madison has decided to move her and her two daughters to La Push.

Severus' trust has been broken, both by Dumbledore and Hermione. "Purpose, Part I" should be read first The only daughter of Wayne Unser comes home to Charming after College, finds something of her Moms that draws her to the S. Gen is having a difficult time adjusting since the family lost their father. Ethan has the life that was always expected of him, but he has learned that even the most carefully laid plans have flaws.

What happens when her and Dylan bump into each other after six years. Together they will travel the world, fight dragons, conquer demons and maybe find exactly what they're looking for. Edward finds Leah alone in the woods and while reading her mind he stumbles onto her dirty secret. Moving to the little town of Forks, Washington with Sirius, Remus and Teddy comes later. Snape finds himself alive at the end of the battle.

Seeing as how Leah has nobody to help her in this situation Edward realizes he must man up and do the right thing since Sam won't. Lucius smiled softly and playfully rubbed Caleb's hair. EC/HP LL/SC DM/AW RHC/EC AC/JWC Severus soon joins them and the fun begins. Thinking he'd be dead, he realizes he has no idea how to live normally. Romance later and personal drama with deviations from the book throughout obviously Dawn & her Best Friend Chris are Twilight addicts & decide to take a trip to the famous Forks, WA.

What curse is she plagued with and just who are the curious vampires? Takes place six years after Dylan left Brenda in London. Yeah, that just about sums up Harry's life right now. R&R3 years after the war Hermione takes a break from Ron and accepts a summer job collecting supplies for Ollivander's wands. When Jax, Opie and Juice find Chibs' daughter, Velvet, by Fun Town, beaten shameless and raped, they take her to the clubhouse, where an unexpected romance triangle between Jax, Velvet and Half-Sack grow . Voldemort is dead but the war isn't over yet and Wynter's the only one who can save them - that is if the darkness doesn't consume her. And wait until she finds out who imprinted on her...

Brenda lives in the worst part of LA with her daughter. What she doesn't expect is having to work with Draco Malfoy, who's more haunted by his past than she ever would have believed. Harry, Luna, and Draco escape the wizarding world assumed to be dead After defeating Voldemort with no one after them and finally finding the freedom to be whom they want to be.

After a falling out with her mother,she returns to her one true home;only to find out her friends and family have secrets of their own. Hermione is sent away for her own safety when her family is murdered by escaped Death Eaters. "I'm sorry but it isn't" What happens when Leah finds out she's pregnant with Jacob's kids? And those curious too:- Sequel to Dying and Letting Go. More inside Sedona Uley is finally home after graduating college.

Why are there only four Slytherins with her and why is she now calling them family? How will the Cullen's react and more importantly, Jacob. Hermione goes to Forks for her cousin Bella's wedding, Edward learns he has a living relative who isn't exactly living anymore, Jacob finds his imprint and when Wynter is the 1st witch to be bitten by a Quileute wolf, Draco comes to her rescue! Snippets of the growing relationship between Callen and Kensi following the eps of the show. She honestly can wait to see her family and friends but most of all she can't wait to see her best friend Paul Lahote.

If you want to see something written send me a message and I will see what I can do. Draco and Hermione are four when Draco's Veela recognizes her as a mate. What happens when Antonio meets the one person who would change everything? Harry & Dudley flee an abusive Vernon to Severus Snape. (ii) Teddy Lupin: A Gryffindor who decides to remain lost, until a particular red-headed Slytherin makes it her sole mission to find him. I lept and phased quicker than you can say "bloodsucker." We met and crashed into each other, sounding like two boulders colliding. An early summer heat wave has New York at its mercy making everyone crazy & keeping NYPD on their toes. Hermione is a witch, her future in laws are vampires. When Paul makes her life more miserable than it already is, how will the two cope when he Imprints on her? Love is more powerful than any measure of time apart. Harlie Morrow's life seemed to be pretty normal until one night changed everything. Come along with Brenda as she fights to survive this tragic event. Please Read and Review A sister of a Son comes to him for help but little does she know that she may just end up with several more "brothers" in the process and maybe even and lover or two as well. What will happen when they find out that John is really alive? When Lily finds out there are others like her, that she is not alone, she will be in for the surprise of her life. TV Title Bonus Challenge #7: Doppelgangland - TOTAL AU - Flashback to the early 90s. And no, contrary to popular belief it's not unfinished just to piss people off :-]What would happen if another new person came into the team? But that was exactly what happened when he met the eyes of Bella Swan. What things will change, and what will stay the same? So after the Volturri left, she didn't need to protect Seth anymore, so she ran. But when she meets the Killer of the club, will she stay home for good? She swore she would never go back but she has to when her mother dies.

Voldermort is dead, she is Head Girl, and she is about to start a real relationship with Ron. When everything goes wrong and the unthinkable happens, who will help her survive. Enjoy & please Review Thanks Bella moves back to La Push to live with her father Charlie.

Ava is spending some time with her uncle in Charming. Meeting Abel Teller changed her world as she began experiencing his. A visit to her best friend Jake changes her life in a way she doesnt understand. Draco takes Dumbledore's offer to hide him & his mother & tries to untangle himself from the War, but finds himself more involved then ever and becomes close to the three people he had always hated. Dramione I spotted Draco sitting at our usual table in the library. "So we kissed." He didn't say anything at first, he just kept reading his book. "And I would do it again."In the brief span of 15 minutes, Hermione's life is completely changed.

Jack's gone to bed, and Hotch and Emily are running down their movie options for the evening.

Relationship issues, 'ensue.'Its Hermione Granger's 7th year.

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