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The system turns on automatically every time the vehicle is on and cannot be turned off.” Get ready fans!!!Now you CAN TURN IT OFF, and smoke your tires with the best of them!Keep in mind that by shopping wisely you can get far more than this for per week.Print off this list for the next time someone tells you they can’t afford to prep!Please contact the author directly for republishing information.

Also, there is a new icon for “Navigation.” Again the documentation does not go into detail about this selection, but it was mentioned in the training video that when the “On Star Turn-By-Turn-Navigation” is used, selecting this on the driver’s display will show the nav system instructions in that small area of the screen.The documentation sent to the dealerships has everything spelled out in text, but uses the same photos from the 2011 model.The first 2012 VOLT arrived at our dealership this past Thursday. 20, and sadly we could not get the additional allocation.Thankfully, he was very patient and we rolled it over to a 2012. Our service department and detailers did not finish the pre-delivery inspection and detailing of the car until , so I had very little time to go over the car myself to see what has actually changed.Below are a few photos followed by the “Official List” of changes and the “What’s New” pdf that I received.

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