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Once their town is invaded, though, they can no longer keep it a secret from him.Sanctions start being imposed on the Jews, and Jewish men are being abducted by the Nazis.On May 6, 1944, the girls find out that they are to be transferred again.

They begin their march, and after only a few days, girls begin to die of starvation and cold.

In August of 1943, the girls are divided into groups and told they will be leaving the camp and taken to Märzdorf, another labor camp. Märzdorf is almost unbearable for Gerda once she refuses a supervisor’s advances and is punished by being forced to work both the day and night shifts.

Ilse manages to save her by having them both transferred to a weaving camp in Landeshut.

She is living in Bielitz, Poland, the town of her birth, and she reacts with horror as she watches her neighbors greet the invading Nazis with joy.

The family had been trying to hide the possibility of war from Gerda’s father because he was ill and they didn’t want to upset him.

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