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I am working on something very special at the moment, but the details are top secret!

It takes a massive amount of time to get things right before we would consider adding something new to the Tanqueray name.

The actual distilling part began about twelve years ago, making new make whisky and then neutral spirit, before moving on to making gin and vodka. As the saying goes, ‘like father, like son’ - I followed in his footsteps after he worked at a distillery for over 28 years. If you’re trying to track me down you’ll mostly find me in America, more recently the Nordics and now closer to home in London.

I have lots of recommendations for good bars, but to name a few, I can suggest ‘Please Don’t Tell’ and ‘The Dead Rabbit’, both in New York.

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The brand foundations were laid down way back in 1830 and I believe our responsibility today is to ensure that Tanqueray carries on that legacy of excellence. At Tanqueray we decided to make limited edition gins and it was the choice of bartenders to recreate an Old Tom. But don’t let that put you off innovating and looking for new ways to help people enjoy Tanqueray.Customers are advised to read the bottle labels to confirm the actual alcohol content of their purchases.The vintage year displayed on the product image may differ from the stock available in stores and online.After a trip to the archives to look through Charles Tanqueray's recipe book I found a very old recipe which could be used to create a gin for modern day tastes but remained faithful to the original recipe - if that’s not enough inspiration to create a new blend I don’t know what is... My desert island botanical would have to be Angelica. I would say that quality always has to shine through.I like Tanqueray Rangpur G&T served in a Copa glass with plenty of ice and the appropriate measure of gin, tonic water and, as with all my gin and tonics, a wedge of lime. Choosing a gin which is a bit cheaper but of lower quality, to me, is a false economy.

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