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canada proud tradition international leadership, helping united nations second world war, campaign south african apartheid, international treaty ban landmines.unfortunately, stephen harper, influence presence world stage steadily diminished.Learn more stephen harper used prorogation avoid difficult political circumstances. stephen harper used omnibus bills prevent parliament properly reviewing debating proposals.

canada relies international trade jobs grow economy, work barriers limit trade. conservative government recorded largest trade deficit canadian history, canadians paying price lost job opportunities.

-focused building canada fund, promote steadier flow goods business travellers modernizing border infrastructure streamlining cargo inspections. opens markets, grows canadian businesses, creates good-paying middle class jobs – jobs pay wages 50 percent industries export intensive. stephen harper sign trade deals, walks away partnering businesses entrepreneurs ensure succeed markets wealth jobs canadians.

properly negotiated implemented, free trade agreements good canadian economy.

carefully consider trade opportunities currently open canada, explore deeper trade relationships emerging established markets, including china india.

develop export promotion strategy help businesses advantage trade agreements.

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